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There were only positive comments after her presentation and throughout the day. We loved having Meg speak at the conference.  She was amazing.  I have actually been lucky enough to have heard Meg present 3 times now, and each is as good and as inspiring as the first.  They laughed and they cried, they were all very touched.  It means a lot to nurses when we know we make a difference.  Meg reminds us of the  importance of the little things we do that make a difference in the lives of our patients. Meg is truly amazing and inspiring.

- Cecilia Gladbach RN, BSN, CPON, CHTC

Children’s Medical Center Dallas, TX

Scott Storm Conference in Dallas, TX

The congregation was captivated by her story. Meg touched the lives of many people with her story.

― Aldersgate Church

Meg was super! Words cannot express how superior this presentation was and how much we all needed to hear it!

― Texas PTA

Meg Brown is:
A daughter…a sister…a friend….an honors student….a scholarship athlete….a college graduate….a teacher…. a coach…..a role-model….a cancer survivor….all before age 25.

Meg shares how she turned devastation and adversity into an uplifting, life-transforming experience. She delivers it all with humor and youthful exuberance, and you will be riveted by the detail, passion and emotion of her message.

Meg Brown personifies what life-long lessons are produced and gleaned in a loving home, in classrooms, and in gymnasiums.

In a world full of challenges, she has “been there, done that.” Her story is one that inspires and compels us to find the positive impact we can make in our own lives.

― Christine A. (Chris) Plonsky
Director of Women’s Athletics &
Sr. Associate AD Men’s/Women’s Athletics
External Services at The University of Texas

Meg Brown is an articulate, passionate young woman who brings a compelling story to her audiences. She shares her life events of perseverance and triumph with grace and dignity. Meg defines the significant skills she has developed through her poignant life experiences. Meg challenges her audiences to examine their lives for those skills that bring about perseverance and self-confidence through any circumstances. You will be moved by Meg’s frankness, her genuine delivery, and her upbeat and humorous anecdotes.

―Miriam J. Georg
Associate Pastor Trinity United Methodist Church

I am always deeply touched by the triumphant story of Meg Brown. She has literally overcome a life and death battle with cancer to inspire many others with her courage and tenacity. She has been an exceptional role model to countless people as she has achieved great things at her relatively young age.

Meg has the rare ability to speak before small and large groups with the same passion she had as an athlete. Her testimony is a source of great motivation and insight into life’s great possibilities. She clearly understands how God has directed every step of her journey.

I have a profound respect and appreciation for Meg Brown. She is a blessing to hear speak and a joy to know personally.

― Dr. John C. Robbins, Senior Pastor
Marvin United Methodist Church in Tyler, TX

Meg Brown graciously shared her story of hope and triumph at a fundraising event benefiting the American Cancer Society in Austin last January. The audience appreciated Meg’s personal insight into a disease that affects so many lives and how she successfully battled it. Being an accomplished athlete and a college student, it was amazing to hear how she discovered her illness and how her life changed. Many people automatically look to the negative, but Meg shares her experience in a positive light and describes how being a cancer survivor is part of who she is now. We appreciate Meg’s enthusiasm, and are glad to have her as such a wonderful advocate in the fight against cancer.

― Alisa Cohen, Development Director
          American Cancer Society

Meg Brown will capture audiences both old and young, with her remarkable story of courage, heart, and perseverance. Known by all as a “people person,” Meg is at home speaking in front of others. Her honest and sincere approach engages her audience, and her charm and wit will keep you laughing through the stories she tells. Meg will share the valuable skills that helped her thrive in the midst of hardship. Her audiences will be motivated to action in their own lives. Life does not give us a set of instructions on how to deal with adversity or suffering. Fortunately for us, life has provided us with examples like Meg Brown.
― Kim Lummus Crabtree
Former Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
University of California-Irvine

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