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Survival Secrets

Adversity can strike at any moment leaving you paralyzed with fear, uncertainty and doubt. How you react will affect the outcome.  Meg Brown will share her six key attributes for survival—attributes which can help you tackle any challenge you may face. When adversity for Meg meant cancer at age 22, she relied on these secrets to survive:

  • Expertise ~ When times are tough, you need the knowledge, experience, judgment, guidance of professionals who have the tools to help you make it.
  •  Positive attitude ~ When times are tough, the bad is obvious. You have to find the good.  With positive attitude comes the ability to laugh. Laughter is medicine.
  • Love ~ When times are tough, let yourself be sustained by the affection and concern which comes your way from the people who care about you.
  • Faith ~ When times are tough, faith is your one constant. Faith lets you talk, cry, laugh. Faith is your peace, your comfort, your strength.
  • Exercise ~ When times are tough, you can still get your butt out of bed. Exercise short circuits self-pity, takes your focus off the problem, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Luck ~ When times are tough, you can do everything right, but you might not have the luck.

Meg tailors her survival secrets to the needs of her audience. No matter your group, no matter your focus, no matter your age, Meg’s secrets work for you.

An Athlete’s Lesson: Preparation for Life

When life throws a curveball, the athlete has a fighting chance. As an athlete, you know how to work; you believe in yourself; you trust your teammates. The skills you need to handle any challenge can be learned through sport. Meg Brown, from her days on the soccer field as a first grader to her years on the court as a University of Texas basketball player, absorbed and honed the tools she needed when life threw her the curveball.  Meg inspires athletes to persevere and to take the lessons they have learned on the field into the broader game of life.

What Are Your Patients Thinking?

Health care professionals who know their charges’ hearts provide the healing touch their clients need most. In a thoroughly intimate and honest way, Meg Brown shares her thoughts, fears, and feelings as she endured 100 days of hospitalization at the age of 23. Meg tells the stories of caregivers who held her up on the toughest days and how they did it. She even shares a few moments when their words missed the mark. Best of all, she teaches you how to know the difference—a difference which offers your patients light and hope.

Laugh Power

Survivors of life’s challenges—disease, divorce, death—know they couldn’t have survived without the power to laugh. Everyone can laugh. No matter what. Teacher and cancer patient Meg Brown learned to laugh, and laughter has made her happier and healthier. Meg relays her innermost thoughts about bald heads, scarred bodies, and medical reports she didn’t want to hear. Her formula lays the foundation for your own laugh power.

Saving My Life: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Millions of people support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society without realizing the impact they make in an individual’s life. Meg Brown, lymphoma survivor, shares how the efforts of others, through the Society, helped save her life. This encouraging and inspiring program motivates volunteers for any organization by showing them what their time, effort and work can accomplish.


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Meg Always Says : Love to Laugh and Live Each Day!